How To Get Car Sponsorships eBook – Bonus



Product Description

If you are serious about getting sponsored for car parts, you will need a professional portfolio to send to companies. Most people leave out critical information resulting in lost opportunities. Are you looking to increase your chances of getting sponsorships?

  • Learn what a sponsorship entails to help you get into the proper mindset
  • Understand what a sponsorship means to an automotive company so you can understand what is expected of you.
  • Learn how to structure your portfolio so it includes the essential information that sponsors are looking for when making decisions.
  • Part of building a successful sponsorship portfolio is knowing what you should put in it. Learn ways to increase your knowledge and exposure in the industry.
  • Learn ways to market yourself using social media to increase your exposure and become more valuable to your potential sponsors
  • We discuss reaching the decision makers through cold emails and how to followup after your portfolio is submitted

*BONUS* Includes a sample portfolio template in Microsoft Word format to get you started

This eBook will help you prepare your portfolio as well as guide you in the right direction. To be successful, it will require hard work and dedication on your part. I am confident that after you read this eBook, you will be able to put together a professional looking sponsorship portfolio. If you follow our suggestions, you will have a far better chance at getting sponsorships.


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