How to get car sponsorships – Free Chapter



First off; thank you for previewing this eBook.  My goal when writing this was to provide you with a step by step guide to help you get automotive sponsorships.  I am a car enthusiast myself.  Much like you, I asked myself the question of “How can I get sponsored?”  Unfortunately, I did not have any eBook to help me figure it out!  Through years of trial and error, I was able to come up with a solid foundation to assist me in obtaining numerous sponsorships.

This eBook is not the golden answer to obtaining sponsorships.  This eBook will help you prepare your portfolio as well as guide you in the right direction.  To be successful, it will require hard work, dedication, and money on your part.

So you want to get a car sponsorship?

So you have the modification (“mod”) itch.  Relax!  You are one of millions of people who love to fix up their cars.  This hobby or passion can be an expensive one.  If you haven’t figured that one out yet, you will soon enough!  Often times you will sit there and think, “There are so many parts I want to get, but I just don’t have enough money.”  But wait.  There’s a simple solution.  All you have to do is email the manufacturers of those parts you want, and they’ll sponsor you.  Sounds easy!  WRONG!

You have to ask yourself one main question.  Why would that company sponsor you?  Sit there and think about that question for a minute.  The reasons you just thought of will help you draft your portfolio later on in this eBook.  Think of your portfolio as a resume.  After all, you ARE competing with other people for sponsorships.

Many people have the misconception that sponsorships are a way to get free parts or “hook-ups”.  This is where you have to shift your mindset from the greedy car owner to that of the money seeking business owner.  Businesses make products in order to make money.  It’s as simple as that.  A lot of time and money is invested in the research and development (“R&D”) as well as marketing and advertising.  Companies rarely give away free parts unless they are confident they will get something valuable in return. This is commonly known as Return on Investment or “ROI”.  In other words, what will they get from their investment in sponsoring you?

This is where YOU come in.  You don’t need a degree in business or sales in order to get sponsored.  Your passion for fixing up cars, your hard work and dedication, and how you market yourself is what makes you valuable to the company.  Just remember, you are competing with hundreds of people each year for sponsorships.  You need to set yourself apart from the rest of them.

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